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Let Me Share My (Mom’s) Pics: Mother’s Day 2016

Mother's Day 2016

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Ruth (my mom) is LEGIT. And, she is and has always been much more fashionable and stylish than I am. I’m always coming to her for advice and suggestions on what to wear, and she’s always a step {or 10} ahead of me haha. What can I say? She. Was. Born. To. Shop. I was born to food court…

That said, when it came time to make my picks for my Mother’s Day gift guide, I decided to take the bench, and let her take control. This gift guide is made up entirely off of her selections! And I LOVE what she came up with!! I hope this helps you in treating your mom to something great!

  1. Sparkling Champagne Stainless Steel Water Bottle by S’well – How fun is this?! You can keep your drinks hot or cold for up to 24 hours! And, it comes in three sizes. Perfect for picnicking or taking on the go!
  2. Laurel Candle by Illume – It’s hard to go wrong with a candle, but these cuties are great and come in four different colors to best match your mom’s unique personality. {Ruth picked “Cloverleaf Nectar,” which comes green!}
  3. Bluetooth Soundlink Speaker by Bose – Ruth says these would be great for Mom to entertain at parties, or add life to an outdoor BBQ!! Comes in five colors!
  4. Gold-Tone Crystal Stud Earrings by Kate Spade – Ruth says these earrings “make [her] feel beautiful.” These are my personal fav. Go with everything, casual or formal, and are light on the ear! Woo.
  5. Le Pavilion iPhone6 & 6s Case by Kate Spade – Ruth says this is great for everyday!! I agree. Might need one for myself.
  6. Reed Leather Bucket Bag by Vince Camuto – So cute!! Ruth didn’t say anything about this bag, when she sent it over, but my guess is she loved the shape, ease of carry and that it comes in seafoam… I can almost bet on it. lol.

Cheers to all the moms out there! We love you all!!!




I’ve Already Worn this Twice in Three Days SMH

img_3681.jpgimg_3682.jpgimg_3685.jpgimg_3686.jpgimg_3683.jpgimg_3679.jpgimg_3688.jpg{Romper: Saks off Fifth | Shoes: Sam Edelman}

Here’s the deal. I love rompers. We know this. Anyway, I bought this bad boy while out shopping with my fam bam this past weekend at the new Saks off Fifth here in Buckhead, Atlanta, and I’ve already managed to wear it TWICE {it’s been three days}… I like it that much. And, when it comes to wearing it, there is literally nothing complex about it. Like, no need for worrying about sticky boobs, strapless bras, accessorizing, how much you eat… really anything. It is so comfortable. No frustrating buttons or zippers. AND THE PRINT. I love pink… and I love this. I tried to wear a necklace, but it just didn’t need one! In fact, the necklace kind of detracted from its beauty. Ahhhhh. Lolz. That’s all I have to say, except for I might wear it a third time this Thursday when my boo Paige from Dallas comes to visit me. Just sayin’.



Dinner Out!!!


{Dress: Nordstrom | Shoes: Mia Nordstrom Rack |Necklace: Similar | Watch: Michael Kors}

It was raining hard core! And this outfit was perfect for it… except I’m outside… and still getting drizzled on… and these shoes are suede… lol. (NVM). This dress can be worn year round. I’ve rounded up a few long sleeve LBDs for ya’ll just cause I think we can all have a few in our closets (I legit have five long sleeve LBDs and get so much use out of them). But the ones I selected have a similar feel to the one I am wearing… can be casual or dressy depending on whether you pair with heels, Converse or booties, as I have here. Love all you coolios!


Longsleve LBD

{ShopBop: Ella Moss}


enza costa

{ShopBop: Enza Costa}



{Nordstrom: ASTR}




This Romper is Cool

img_9740.jpgimg_9737.jpgimg_9739.jpgimg_9738.jpg{Romper: Nordstrom -3 Colors!!!- | Purse: Tory Burch | Heels: Steve Madden Similar – Similar – Similar}

I like rompers for the same reason we all like rompers. They’re one piece (easy) plus, they make it so your legs don’t have direct contact with one another (unlike a dress, where if you cross your legs, they can get sweaty). Moving on, this one is cool, because of the color. Is it orange? Is it red? ASTR (the label) is calling it coral. I feel it. Also pretty into the ruffles on the side. Purse is from last Summer but I did see some on Tradesy, which I did not link, because I did not feel like it. The one linked is cute though. Check it out.

xoxo – Alex

A Dress I’d Prob Wear to a Spring Shower

img_9725.jpgimg_9724.jpgimg_9727.jpgimg_9730.jpgimg_9723.jpg{Dress: Nordstrom – 9 Colors!!! | Heels: Jessica Simpson}

This dress is cool. A cutie. I could see it being cute for a shower or meeting someone’s parents. It’s appropriate, and if you live in the South, really legit for wearing to a football game. It comes in NINE colors, so even if you don’t see the one to match your school, you can get away with a black or a white and then a necklace that does. Feel it?! Ya feel it? Samez.

xoxo – Alex

A Dress with Layers/Tiers… But not in a Cake Kind of Way… WOO!

img_9735.jpgimg_9732.jpgimg_9733.jpg{Dress: Nordstrom – 3 Colors!!! – | Sandals: Steve Madden 2015 Similar Sam Edelman}

Pals, this dress is just a cutie. It has layers… like it is tiered, but not in a way that would make you look like a cake would look. You could wear it for a lot of different types of occasions depending on how you dress it. With a jean jacket (maybe even a white jean vest?), you can dress it down, and with wedges or heels you can wear it out on a Friday night or to a bridal shower. Kewl. Plus, I think the almost neon pink boss money legit. (Makes me look tan or feel tan). These sandals are my favs, so I am sad to say they are last season. I had trouble finding many similar options featuring the chain-linked awesomeness that these do. I did end up tagging a similar by Sam Edelman, which could probably be more comfortable since their shoes tend to be, but again, not exact and I think limited sizing. Peace out cool cats!

xoxo – Alex

Modern “Grunge”

img_8406.jpgimg_8408.jpgimg_8410.jpgimg_8411.jpgimg_8409.jpg{Shirt: Target | Tie-Waist: Forever21 | Shoes: MIA Limited Sizing -or- Similar MIA Nordstrom Rack | Jeans: Gap | Watch: Michael Kors}

I absolutely looove this look. I feel like it looks like my soul… somehow lol. Anyway, I’ve been quietly observing as some of our 90’s grunge has slowly infiltrated our modern 20 teens! This time, I actually kinda like it… less “grungy” more put together haha. Here is my take! I hope you like it.

P.S. Highly recommend the shoes if you can get your hands on them… So comfy. I legit ran in them… It was a block, to catch up to people… but I still ran.

xoxo – Alex



img_7377.jpgimg_7378.jpgimg_7380.jpgimg_7379.jpgimg_7381.jpg{Jumpsuit: Lululemon | Heels: Sam Edelman | Clutch: Tory Burch}

Jumpsuits! The all-in-one. The Easy! Love love. These are perfect for spring. A sleveless jumpsuit makes for a wonderful transition for evenings. I love this beauty from Lululemon, but I didn’t see them make one this season, so I’ve pulled a couple I LOVE to share with you for this year’s spring! Each of the jumpsuits I selected are in black, because I think they are a closet staple. LBD… LBJS (not LBJ like the prez)? Feel me??

edie nordstrom

{Nordstrom: Catherine Catherine Malandrino}


adelyn nordstrom

{Nordstrom: Adelyn Rae}



{Macy’s: Michael Kors}



Sunday Best in Black and White: A note on wedge pumps and bodysuits

img_8402.jpg img_8390.jpg img_8401.jpgimg_8399.jpgimg_8398.jpgimg_8400.jpg

{Top/Bodysuit: H&M | Skirt: Loft – Similar Kate Spade – Similar Nordstrom | Shoes: Charles David | Watch: Michael Kors}

I live and die by wedge pumps and body suits. Why? Practicality! Seriously. All you ladies out there working in environments where professional dress is a must, I am talking to you. I love heels! But in the workplace, it can be an actual CHALLENGE to keep pace with our male colleagues on a way to a meeting, heading to lunch, you name it!!! I can think back on countless times, where I’ve trailed behind because of my shoes! SMH. Now, working from home, I have a lot of flexibility in my wardrobe, but whenever I am going out for a meeting or traveling on business, I almost EXCLUSIVELY wear wedge heels. They are the perfect solution for a long day on your feet, and for keeping up… literally haha. These beauties are on super sale and I highly recommend them. I saw them on my friend, Nicole, and had to snag a pair of my own!! They are a must and come in three colors. 

As for the body suits… I cannot speak highly enough on them, and I am so glad they are becoming more readily available! For a couple years there, I felt like I was always looking high and low and had to scour the racks of many stores to find only one or two options! Now, we are in luck! I love hitting H&M and Forever21 for new styles (I’m finding their selections to be consistently well stocked with great variety in style and color). Bodysuits are sexy, flattering and functional, in the sense that you don’t have to constantly retuck your shirt and it stays taught haha.

Anyway, there’s my two cents on two must have items for your closet.




Picks: Fit Girl’s Accessory Guide


{1. Earphones: Yurbud | 2. Tennis Shoes: Nike | 3. Watch: Polar | 4. Jumprope: Amazon 5. Backpack: Under Armour | 6. Foam Roller: Champs Sports}

  1. These headphones are AMAZE. I used them to run my first half marathon and thought they were the greatest thing on earth. Like iPhone’s more recent headphones, these babies offer you the convenience of pausing or skipping your beats from the headphones themselves. They are also super cute and come in several colors {pink, teal, purple}. They have a small clip on them, which allows you to fasten the cord to your shirt, and reduce some of that unnecessary movement, which can otherwise cause me a decent level of frustration mid-workout haha.
  2. WANT. Period. I just want these.
  3. Great color! Plus, if you’re serious about your heart rate, steps and calorie count, THIS. IS. FOR. YOU.
  4. I have this cutie. Very affordable. The right color. Haha.
  5. People laugh at these bags. Why? I find them super convenient! They can also fold and be tucked into your purse if needed! What’s in mine? Face towel. Headphones. Jumprope. Water bottle. Keys. Protein Bar.
  6. Still getting my handle on foam rolling. OUCH! These buddies can hurt! But soooo important in getting back to your workout routine by reducing soreness and swelling. This one is super cute! Plus, it’s not too big, so it can be easily stored at home!

xoxo – Alex