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Wedding Wardrobe

{Dress: Rent the Runway | Shoes: Dillard’s | Purse: Tory Burch}

Lady in Red

img_6042-1.jpgimg_6043.jpg{Dress: SHOPBOP | Shoes: Steve Madden | Clutch: Tory Burch}

You guyzzzz. Geeze. This dress is so cute. I love it so much, and I think it would be so awesome for a graduation party, engagement party, etc!!! So many occasions, so little time! Dress it up with a strappy sandal, or up with a wedge like I did here! Love you all!



I’m Feeling so Free


Trunk Club: With My Girl Samantha Olson

img_4180.jpgimg_4179.jpgimg_4177-1.jpgimg_4181.jpg{Dress: Trunk Club | Shoes: Similar}

YOU GUYZ. My experience with Trunk Club was super SOLID. I liked it. A LOT. Now, let’s talk about it.

I decided to give a go of it with Trunk Club, because they are a Dallas-based company that had a reputable name with which I was familiar. I also knew that they were recently acquired by Nordz, and we know how I love Nordz

I was paired with a stylist (Samantha Olson, who you’ll meet later), and we went over style preferences that worked best for ME based on my existing wardrobe and needs. Let me just say, I had a GREAT time and got some great pieces to add to my collection!! My stylist really took the time to get to know me, and she made herself available throughout the entire process. I felt like we were having girl talk with wine in my closet as we went through the trunk she prepared (See the dress above)…. In reality I was on my couch thousands of miles away and wearing a Bioré nose strip and miss-matched socks.

This is her…


I mean come onnnn! Total babe. And totally fantastic at what she does! I reached out to Samantha after I returned my first trunk about coming on lmba to say a few words about the Trunk Club experience and why she loves being a stylist!

Here’s what she had to say:


“My life as a Trunk Club Stylist ~ I help men & women find the best clothes for their style, long-distance or in person, so they have more time to do what they love. I ship trunks of hand-picked clothes to clients all across the country according to their fit and style preferences. They try on the clothes, keep what they love & send back what they don’t without any shipping charges or monthly fees.

My Dallas clients meet me at the Trunk Club Loft in Deep Ellum. They enjoy drinks *on us* while we show them great clothes they can take with them that day. There, I also take measurements of my male clients who have a hard time finding clothes that fit. Together we can even create custom clothes ranging anywhere from a golf shirt and jeans to a full body suit!”


I totes recommend this. So, if you’re feeling it, you can click here to sign up!

You can also email Samantha at

#notanad #notsponsored #reallyislegit



This is so Pretty


{Romper: Nordstrom | Shoes: DSW}

Ok… this romper is “pretty” but at the end of the day, it is not my fav of all time ever… I’m sad because I love the idea of this romper. I just look like a snowman haha. I love the back. I LOVE the print. And the arms are SOOOOOoooOOOOooOO cool. But do you see the waist? On me, it is OK. On a woman with maybe narrower hips, I bet it is super solid. But all in all, it is OK on me. Lolz.



I’m a Happy BLUEEE: With a Note on Saks off Fifth

img_3971.jpgimg_4048.jpgimg_3543.jpgimg_4047.jpgimg_4049.jpgimg_4050.jpg{Romper: Sacks off Fifth | Shoes: Sam Edelman}

TEEEAM. Sacks off Fifth opened in Buckhead, Atlanta last weekend and SWOON CITY. I get really overwhelmed when I go shopping, and I need it to be as simple as possible or else I end up in the food court or going home. {I’m sure others are out there.} That said, when my mom and dad came to town last weekend, I kneeew, there were be shopping involved. What can I say? Ruth {Mom} is a shopaholic! And my dad can be too under the right circumstances!! After I let them get Stein Mart, TJ and Rack out of their systems {alone!! while I worked}, I agreed to join them for a run at Sacks off Fifth.

OMG YOU GUYS! I SURVIVED! I LEGIT ONLY SPENT 3-5 MIN HIDING ALONE!!! {In shoes where there was a hella comfy bench}. Like it was a good trip! It was not chaos! Things were organized! So yes, the store just opened, and it could be making its best impression, but nevertheless, it really surpassed my expectations, and I WILL be making a second trip. Like, I mean, I found two rad rompers and two sets of super cute leggings effortlessly… and for me, it has to be effortless lol or I’m out.

Until next time, Saks Off Fifth… Next time. #NotAnAd #DeadSer



Look at this Art Tho

img_3941-1.jpgimg_3942.jpgimg_3904.jpg{Bodysuit: Forever21 | Shorts: Topshop Similar | Sandals: Similar Sam Edelman | Bag: Tory Burch}

Mk. I went to this festival last weeekend. It was weird. I mean it was bizarre. Lol. There were tons of peeps dressed as gnomes… finally, I went up to one, who happened to be an elderly woman, and said, “hey, what are all y’all doing?” And she told me that they were, “trying to beat the Brits,” who I guess hold the record for most gnomes marching in a given time… lol. Rad.

Regardless, stumbled upon this wall art by Greg Mike, and I found it to be awesome.

Also, I love these shorts a TON! But they sold out. 🙁 Linked a similar, and I also included my fav bodysuit, that I wear probably too much… it comes in multiple colors, so I’m on my way to order some more for variety sake!