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Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Photo Series Part 1


Alex and I had an AMAZING time shooting our engagement photos with our oh-so-talented wedding photographer Patrick Edmiston, of Pho-Co Photography and Video. He is absolutely incredible, and I could hardly wait to ask him for his insider perspective on the world of engagement photography. After all, it can be a bit nerve racking preparing for this kind of a shoot with your S-O! It’s not everyday we kiss on tape. Haha… Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to be sharing details about my experience plus, a lot more from the expert, Patrick, who shares some really helpful pointers on the benefits of the engagement shoot, how to select your wedding photographer and more! Check in every Wednesday for the next three weeks to follow along with this series!

The first MAJOR question and the first part of this series is, are engagement photos for you? Alex and I ran into this question when we first started researching wedding photographers.

Here’s Patrick’s take:

“In general, Engagement Photos are a relatively new phenomenon, and I think there are 3 reasons why they have become popular which are the three reasons to consider getting them:

  1. It gives you a chance to practice getting your picture taken in a relaxed environment before your wedding day so that on the big day you’re not saying “what do I do with my hands”. The biggest things we hear are statements like “he doesn’t like getting his picture taken”, or “I don’t look good in photos,” but then, I’ll show them a picture during the session and the couple says, “wow, that actually looks really good.” Their confidence does a 180, and the groom always has fun, so then it’s a lot less stressful leading up to the wedding.
  2. It gives you photos to use for wedding decorations/save the dates, etc.
  3. It gives you professional photos of the two of you in which you’re more “you” than a white dress and tuxedo.”


– Patrick made us so comfortable here –


– This was scary, because of the oncoming traffic that stopped for us haha, but we were super fast –

Patrick also sees engagement photos as very helpful in establishing your relationship with your photographer prior to your actual wedding day. That way, you’re working with someone you trust and have worked with in the past… it becomes less like work, and more natural and fun!

“As a photographer I use engagement photos to actually connect with a couple and become friends. We often drink beer or do shots together, and make it a really fun time. That way when we show up on the wedding day, we’re friends and not just random photographers.”

In the middle of our shoot, we had some rain. (Evidence of this made apparent by the dark billowing clouds in the above photo). Patrick took us to a cafe where he and Alex were each able to grab a cup of coffee and chat about non-engagement-photo related subjects. It allowed us to relax, and feel all together more comfortable with the situation overall. We no longer felt like this was our first time meeting Patrick. He was now our friend. 

Check back with us next week!




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Casual maxi skirt sitch

{Maxi Skirt: J. Crew Factory | Crop: Forever21}