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Wedding Wednesday: Engagement Photos Part 2

Alex&AlexEngagement-94copySup cool cats! Welcome back to part two of the engagement photo series! Last week, I introduced our photographer, Patrick Edmiston, owner of PHOCO, a full-service media group specializing in photography, videography and design. He’s absolutely amazing at what he does, and was so kind as to partner with me for this series answering all the hows, whats and whys of all that is the engagement photo!

Last week, we covered the initial pros and cons of the engagement photo shoot, which I hope helped provide the added insight necessary for those of you “on-the-fence” about the whole concept to feel more educated in making the decision.

Today, I picked Patrick’s brain on some new concepts, and I found his tips to be pretty stellar. (He is just TOO good). Lol.


Patrick’s Pointers:

1.       What advice can you give when it comes to selecting a photographer for engagement photos?

  • When selecting a photographer, regardless of engagement or wedding, I recommend you look at an entire “real” session or wedding. When you’re just looking at highlights on a website, it’s hard to compare. I also recommend you either meet the photographer in person, or over phone/skype. Most of us photographers are fairly personable and easy to get along with, but I think it’s important to see if the photographer is a good personality fit, especially for a wedding.

2.       Do you think it’s important for the person/company who shoots engagement photos to be the same as the photographer/company who will shoot the wedding photos?

  • I think that ideally you have the same photographer do engagement photos as your wedding, but regardless, doing engagement photos makes your wedding day go more smoothly. Often it works out fine to have one photographer do engagements and another do the wedding, but you miss out on the friendship building and what it’s actually like working with that photographer.

3.       How can a couple best prepare for an engagement session?

  • To prepare for an engagement session, I think the best thing you can do would be to google “engagement photos,” or look it up on Pinterest and pick out 3 “we like” and 3 “we don’t like” (see my example below lol)… Other than that, there’s not a lot of preparation that I would recommend. Scouting locations might help and usually a photographer can help with that. I recommend picking a location(s) that are either meaningful to you as a couple, or compliment/contrast your wedding. For instance, if you met at the drive in movie theater, that might make a good location, or if you’re having an inner city wedding, maybe choose a natural area for your engagement photos to contrast or go downtown so that the theme remains the same.

(Award winning… right?)

4.       How can a couple make your job easier?

  • My job as a photographer is pretty fun, and the only thing I can suggest to make it easier would be to not worry about “not being photogenic”. We get that all the time, and it’s not true. People say that, but usually it’s just you don’t have a professional photographer and it’s our job to make you look good. Just enjoy the process!


Great tips!!!!!! I mean srsly. Those are awesome. Stay tuned for next week when Patrick and I cover style and fashion for your perfect shoot!

Love all you bamfs!